Sunday, August 2, 2009

urban islands - cockatoo island

Urban Islands is a architectural studio hosted every two years using the Cockatoo Island as a site for spatial and architectural investigation. Cockatoo is an abandoned factory island in Sydney Harbour, Australia. One of this years instructors was Geoff Manuagh of BLDGBLOG, who recently posted some of the projects from the intensive twelve day studio. According to Manaugh: It's a studio inspired by the amazing Cockatoo Island, an abandoned industrial site – former prison, former shipyard, former quarry, present campground and concert venue, ongoing archaeological site, future megastructural weather-altering agri-utopian astronomy research station at sea (or whatever our students decide to make it) – in Sydney Harbor.

One such project was the Cockatoo Island Zeppelin Airport by MItchell Bonus. Questions Bonus, Why fly when we can float? The project suggests that the abandoned industrial site be updated into a transit hub for a perversely neglected form of transportation - the solar-powered zeppelin. The presentation, packaging and future marketing strategy of the project also attempts to affect change from the ground up. Individual graphic trading cards make up the knowledge campaign for the Cockatoo Island Zeppelin Airport comparing zeppelin use to automobile use, saftey, energy and resource consumption, and even trip costs. To be found in cereal boxes and mailboxes everywhere, the trading cards float quietly over and through consumer conscience.
Images by Mitchell Bonus via BLDGBLOG.

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