Monday, July 20, 2009

martha und daniel gantenbein winery

As an addition to an existing winery, the Gantenbein Winery in Flasch Switzerland by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten, maintains the simple vernacular feel of the region, but adds a textured layer of sophistication to the facade. Structurally, the building is a concrete frame with infilled brick. The double wythe brick skin was designed with the help of Gramazio and Kohler who used a computer generated patterning system and robotic production unit to individually stack and rotate each brick within the wall. Each infill panel was constructed off-site within a precast concrete panel and inserted into the super-structure on site. The resultant effect, when viewed from afar, is a facade composed of three-dimensional bubbles or bunches of grapes. On the interior, the sunlight is diffused into a soft glow that reveals the oversized exterior pattern. Seen on A Daily Dose of Architecture.

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  1. Infill panel may be plain sliced book & balanced matched Eggers wood veneer on standard particle board (or Class A veneer on optional FRPB) in Natural Birch (heart & sapwood), White Oak, White Maple, African Mahogany, NA Cherry, and Anigre as standard. These veneer infill panels can be in clear finish or stained. Twelve stained veneer finishes shall be standard and stained to match sample shall be available upon request. Many other veneers, cuts and stains are available upon request. See the architectural drawings and elevations for the requirements on this project. For more info visit at