Monday, June 1, 2009

Post Industrial Revitalization ?

I looked at this image and just had to say "wow!" followed by a short breath of disgust and concern. There are huge built forms like this that are just barely holding itself up...if not structural, morally. This was once the central train station in Detroit. In its time, probably thousands of people are scrambling through the space, yelling, running, trying to find their next train. Now, absolutely nothing. It's sad... Maybe the building could be partially renovated to accomodate a new function, artist lofts, indoor mall, skate board arena....anything!??!

Another example is the Ryugyong Hotel in Taiwan. Two problems here, out of funding and poor quality concrete was used and structural failure is occuring. This one, I think the building is really freaking ugly but just another example. Following are some links of abandonment posts:
Web Urbanists - Abandoned buildings, spaces
Web Urbanists - Abandonment in Asia (inc the hotel)

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