Tuesday, June 16, 2009

destroy build destroy

Noveau rocker Andrew W.K. is hosting an upcoming television show on Cartoon Network where kids get to blow something up, inspect the wreckage, and then build a better machine, and then, I would suspect, maybe even blow it up again. The show looks to be part Double Dare, part Mythbusters -- a great combination indeed. It's actually quite interesting to tie the idea of destruction to creation and see how kids react. At best, this may teach the kids to look at ordinary objects through a critical lense and question the validity of the solution rather than just accepting the product/object. Similarly, we may see the development of the idea that all things have a lifecycle, and the future is not necessarily tied to the built creations of the past. At worst, we get to see kids firing rocket launchers. seen on gizmodo and laughing squid

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