Tuesday, May 19, 2009

gas stations and rocket ships

Tramway Gas Station / 2901 North Palm Canyon Drive by frey and chambers. 1963.

you can't explore space if you run out of gas. but cars and planes and rockets all carry their own fuel supplies. so, at best, only relatively short trips are possible. how far could you drive your car if there were no gas stations within driving distance. you would always have to return to that fuel station to make any travel possible. thus, as an organism, a space ship does not thrive in it's environment, it merely exists in it. it can make limited trips in and out but that's the extent. satellites and space stations only hang there, balanced perfectly, in a pre-set orbit, yet no free movement is possible. instead of carry-and-consume, the ship should produce-and-transform as it travels. if the craft can harness and utilize naturally encountered energies, it could travel and exist indefinitely. imagine limitless travel where time is the only constraint on distance (both being af function of each other anyway...)! but a vessel might use passive energy such as solar or transform it's internal bio-processes into energy (poop=power). who knows, maybe sans-gravity, a perpetual motion apparatus may finally be realized and the resultant emmision is propulsion?

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